Welcome Aboard Three Moons Caribbean Charter Yacht

travisCaptain, Travis Krueger

Captain Travis has lived in the Virgin Islands for the past 12 years as a sailing instructor, windsurfing instructor, a Scuba instructor, dive boat captain, and a charter captain. This all-around waterman is living his dream.


perryFirst Mate, Perry

Perry grew up in Grapeland, Texas. However, being the first mate on a 72′ sailing vessel in the Caribbean is not the usual career path of someone who grew up in the piney woods. In 2010, he worked on the operations team of Sail Caribbean, a sailing summer camp for teens, in the BVI. He eventually moved to St. Thomas, USVI, finally trading in those wrangler jeans and cowboy boots for board shorts and flip-flops. He has served as the Operations Director and Fleet Captain at Sail Caribbean, Deckhand/Engineer, handyman and mechanic, and sous-chef to Biggi Dodson. He’s always working and having fun, especially when he fulfills his role as the Watersports Engineer aboard Three Moons.

Perry has a passion for sailing, food, hiking, woodwork, and making sure everyone around him enjoys the Caribbean lifestyle. He is very familiar with the Virgin Islands and can point you to some of the best snorkeling, hiking, water sports, bars and restaurant spots.

biggiChef Biggi

Chef Biggi was born and raised in Germany. While working at a French restaurant one summer, she fell in love with the art of fine cuisine and decided cooking delicious food for others was her destiny. Chef Biggi has cooked on yachts in the Caribbean for more than a decade. After settling in the U.S. Virgin Islands, she began catering weddings, dinner parties and business events as well as offering personal chef services around the islands.

​Chef Biggi will make you feel right at home as soon as you step aboard Three Moons. She uses only the freshest and most sustainable ingredients available, giving guests a quintessential taste of the Virgin Islands. If you have special dietary needs, Chef Biggi is happy to customize a menu for you.

​Chef Biggi delights in good food and wine, and fishing. She speaks English, French and German fluently.

Visit Biggi Dodson Catering to learn more about her culinary expertise. ​

Three Moons Yacht Cookbook

Did you know?

Sailing is the perfect adventure for those interested in taking an eco-friendly vacation!

It’s time to think about planning your winter vacation! And why not plan a vacation this year that promotes a healthier global footprint? What are we talking about? Sailing! When Three Moons is under sail, she’s 50 steady tons of pure fun being moved purely by the wind on the turquoise waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.  Sure, there are times when the engine or generator is running; but we’re taking extra precautions with our equipment to make sure that we’re conscious of our environment.

Stay tuned…more great green ideas are on the way!


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