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Three Moons Receives the CYBA “Going Green to Save the Blue” Award!

s/v Three Moons has received the “Going Green to Save the Blue” award from CYBA! This means that we’ve been recognized for our commitment to preserving the natural beauty and environmental health of the oceans and lands where we sail.

Three Moons Yacht Charters is committed to preserving the natural beauty and environmental health of the oceans and lands in the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. On behalf of CYBA, the Charter Yacht Brokers Association International, we support it’s “Going Green to Save the Blue” campaign to reduce plastic water bottle waste on yachts. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of the charter yacht industry throughout the world and invite you as a charter guest to join our initiative.

Why Is This An Important Issue? Unfortunately, most of the islands where we sail have limited or no recycling options- everything goes into the landfills. An average-sized charter yacht generates about 200-400 plastic bottles each week. Using very loose math, that’s at least one million bottles a year in the British Virgin Islands landfill alone from crewed charter yachts. We all know that 200 years from now, those plastic bottles will still be there. Plus, the amount of money to make those bottles and ship them to the islands leaves a large carbon footprint on the planet.

What is the Alternative? Three Moons Yacht is fully capable of providing pure, filtered water made with a watermaker. If charter guests are willing to drink the yachts’ “tap water”, we can minimize the waste accumulating on our precious islands.

What Can You Do? Drink the yachts’ purified water. The crew will provide you with re-usable water bottles or glasses. Try it-you’ll like it. And if you don’t, we’re happy to provide purchased bottled water.

What are some of the additional eco-friendly efforts aboard Three Moons?

Part of the fun of going on vacation is trying new foods and eating like a local! We stock our award-winning galley with locally purchased seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables when they are in season. We purchase beverages such as juices and water in larger than single serving containers and provide re-usable containers like personalized water bottles. We’ve reduced the use of bottles and cans by making our own sodas/sparking waters with a Soda Stream-soda making machine.

You’ll also find that we try to minimize the use of paper products (i.e. use cloth napkins, clean rags instead of paper towels, etc); attempt to purchase products with minimal packaging. You’ll always find us provisioning the yacht with re-usable shopping bags.

The British Virgin Islands now has it’s first boater friendly recycling system for plastic, cans & bottles. Both the USVI & BVI have facilities for the proper disposal of oil waste products.

To reduce our impact on the marine environment, Three Moons educates all guests about reef etiquette. We use designated moorings and never anchor on reefs. Our guests find their cabins supplied with biodegradable sundries (soap, shampoo, etc). We also purchase biodegradable cleaning products and dish detergents. To reduce energy consumption, we use energy efficient lighting such as LEDs. And since we are a true sailing yacht, we sail whenever possible and otherwise motor at speeds to obtain maximum fuel efficiency. We’re enjoying a new 4-stroke outboard as a fuel efficient power source on our tender.

We are committed to recycling, reducing waste, reducing the impact on our marine enviornment and reducing energy consumption. Join us!

Capt. Randy & Shelly Tucker