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News from the New Owner.


As the new owner of Three Moons Yacht my plans are to catty out the same high quality Yacht Charters as the previous owners / crew.

The new crew are not new to the business. Captain Richard Gillette has been in the BVI’s for a big part of his life. He has been a teacher of Sailing and a Captain for other charter groups. He has a vast knowledge of many points of interest throughout the US Virgin and British Virgin Islands.

Chef Biggi Dodson has been has been cooking in the islands for many years and owns her own very successful catering business. She has been the Chef on other Charter yachts. Just like Captain Richard, Biggi knows the Islands.

The Three Moons Yacht is a beautiful and well maintained sailing yacht and my plans are to keep her that way. In August she will enter the boat yard for some TLC. She will be getting new paint on the deck, both mast and anti-fouling below the water line. She will also has new LED lights for the masts and below the water line.

This is very exciting for me and the Crew and I will keep you posted about any specials and events for Three Moons.

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Roy Pat Rucker

Sailing Three Moons LLC

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